Water Conservation

Thanks to a well donated by Horizon Regional Municipal Utility District, the Clint Independent School District is able to use irrigation on its sports fields, saving treated water and saving the school district money. The water district also provides effluent water to Emerald Springs Golf Course. This is just the tip of HRMUD’s conservation initiatives.

Watering Hours

Landscape watering is allowed three days a week. Residents with even numbered addresses may water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Residents with odd numbered addresses may water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Parks and schools may water on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Watering is prohibited between 10 am and 6 pm from April 1 through September 30.

Student Projects

Horizon 2-O is working with the Socorro and Clint independent school districts to promote water conservation among students. Here are some of the projects we are working on!

  • Science Fair Projects
  • Water Conservations Commercials
  • Water Conservation Art
  • Water Conservation in school curricula

Check back soon for more details!

Conservation Tips

  • Water the lawn in the morning before the sun is intense to reduce water loss from evaporation. Don’t water on windy or rainy days.
  • Install rain gutters and collect water from downspouts to reduce water use.
  • Choose indigenous plants because they will likely need less supplemental moisture.
  • Trickle irrigation and drip irrigation systems help reduce water use and meet the needs of plants because the water is applied directly to the soil.
  • Science Fair Projects
  • Install an irrigation system.
  • Fix leaky faucets and plumbing joints. Install water-saving showerheads or flow restrictors.
  • Don’t run the water when brushing teeth, washing cars, doing the dishes, shaving, cleaning vegetables, etc.
  • Take short showers and don’t use the toilet as an ashtray or trash receptacle.
  • Don’t waste cold water while waiting for hot water to come out. Capture it in a container to use later on house plants or the garden.
  • To clean the sidewalk, driveway or gutter use a BROOM, not the waterhose.
  • Wash dishes by hand; but, if using the dishwasher, make sure it is fully loaded with dishes.
  • Compost yard trimmings. Mulch and compost reduces outdoor watering by 30 to 60 %.
  • Collect and use rainwater.