1. Horizon Regional Municipal Utility District Home Page
    a. Requesting New Service
       i. Confidentiality Form
       ii. Rates and Charges
       iii. Solid Waste Services
       iv. Town Ordinance
       v. Water Conservation Regulations
       vi. Important Phone Numbers
       vii. Notice
    b. Your Water Bill
       i. Payment Information
       ii. Paying with a credit or debit card? Give us a call.
       iii. The Billing Process
       iv. Sample Bill
    c. Water Conservation
       i. Water Conservation
       ii. Watering Hours
       iv. Conservation Tips
       v. Student Projects
       vi. Current Feature
       vii. Up-Coming Meetings
2. A Brief Overview of Your Tax Bill
3. Projects
    a. Current Projects
       i. Well # 5
       ii. Third RO Train
       iii. New Administration Building
       iv. Tank 2 Rehab
    b. Future Projects
    c. Bidding Opportunities
    a. Annual Reports
       iii. Annual Reports 2005
    b. Water Quality
       i. Texas Commission Environmental Quality Report 2008
       ii. Texas Commission Environmental Quality Report 2007
       iii. Texas Commission Environmental Quality Report 2006
    c.Financial Information
       i. Financial Information 2008
    d. Bidding Opportunities
5. About Us
    a. District Facts
    b. District Map
    c. President’s Message
    d. New Administration Building
    e. Reverse Osmosis Facility
    f. Mission Statement
       i. Affiliations
7. Footer
    a.Contact information
    b. Disclaimer/ Privacy Information
    c. Sitemap

Bidding Opportunities

Please click on the following links for information about bidding opportunities:

Dodge Reports
Severn Trent Environmental Services, Inc.
Horizon Communities Improvement Association
El Paso Times Classifieds

You may also contact:
Linda Troncoso
TR Engineering
HRMUD Engineer
801 N El Paso St
El Paso, TX 79902
(915) 852-9093